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Menopausal skin

Menopausal skin issues are common among women experiencing hormonal changes during menopause. During this time, the body's production of oestrogen decreases, which can lead to various skin changes. Some of the common issues include:

1. Dryness: Reduced oestrogen levels can result in dry, itchy skin and a more reactive skin. The skin barrier can be impaired due to lack of aminio acids, trying to get the barrier healthy should always be the first aim. Products such as Neo Genesis Barrier renewal, Fusion Ceramid Moisturizer and Ekseption Skin Relief fluid & Mixlab Squalene VIt F are all great products for this.

2. Wrinkles and fine lines: Collagen and elastin production slows down, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Products such as Fusion Retinol 1%, Meso Lift or Meso Repair and fabulous for stimulating collagen. Collagen supplements are also a great investment for your skin.

3. Loss of elasticity: The skin may lose its firmness and elasticity, causing sagging. Incorporating products with ingredients of hyaluronic acid or peptides can help improve elasticity such as Fusion HA Deep Filler, Neo genesis skin serum

4. Age spots: Increased sun sensitivity and reduced melanin production may result in the formation of age spots or hyperpigmentation. Sun protection is crucial, so wearing sunscreen and protective clothing is important. We would recommend Ekseption All Day Shield or Meso Shield for sun protection. For pigmentation Fusion Vit C micro water, Vit C serum and Radiance moisturizer.

5. Acne or breakouts: Hormonal fluctuations can cause an increase in acne or breakouts during menopause. Take a look at our acne page for product recommendations


6. Rosacea - skin conditions like this can come from issues battling from within, when hormones are playing havoc in the body our skin is the first place it shows. Take a look at our rosacea page for product recommendations. Rejuvenated  Female Hormone support capsules are brilliant to try and calm those hormones at this time.


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