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Highly concentrated serum with Niacinamide.

An active serum to reduce redness, inflammation, pigmentation, acne and improve general skin texture. Niacinamide, is one of the most widely studied topical skincare ingredients. Numerous peer-reviewed studies have revealed its many benefits on the skin, which include clinically proven efficacy to brighten the skin, reduce acne and blemishes, improve the skin barrier and re-balance the skin’s micro-biome.

This serums has a positive effect in reducing skin pigmentation, and creating a more uniformed skin tone. It helps to stop the transfer of existing melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes. In addition to inhibiting melanosome transfer, niacinamide has also been reported to interfere with the initiation of melanin synthesis regulated by messenger molecules, α-MSH and endothelin-1, secreted by keratinocytes.

It provides a significant positive effect on AQP3 expression thus improving skin hydration. Aquaporins (AQP) are a family of transport proteins involved with the movement of water and small solutes across cell membranes. Niacinamide has demonstrated a positive effect on the expression of multiple proteins critical to forming and maintaining the skin barrier, including filaggrin, involucrin, and keratin. Furthermore, niacinamide has been shown to improve the lipid composition of the epidermal barrier, by increasing the amount of ceramides produced by keratinocytes. Other benefits include the reduction bacteria, break outs and oily skin.


    • Acne
    • Redness
    • Inflammation
    • Sensitivity
    • Pigmentation

    • Niacinamide (5%)

    • Cleanse and tone before applying.

    • Take a small amount of serum and massage in an upward circular direction.

    • Avoid the eye contours.

    • This intensive serum should be used at home 2 to 3 times per week for 2 weeks at night.  I

    • f the skin feels sensitive and shows signs of exfoliation stop the treatment for few days.

    • Always combine the treatment with the Meso shield SPF50 during the day.

    • Allow 10- 15 minutes for the product to penetrate prior to applying a cream over the top.

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