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Probiotix Cream 50ml

Probiotix Cream 50ml

Probiotix is an ultra-nourishing cream for dry & sensitive skins, specifically to restore the skins ecoflora, & biological defenses. It contains α-glucooligosaccharides which are obtained by cold pressing of pure plant extracts,  jicama or yacon tubers & Lactobacillus probiotic bacteria, to form a complex made from prebiotic & probiotic ingredients. This unique cream is rich in natural sugars (GOS & FOS) that reduce the sensation of skin tightness & discomfort.


    • Nourishing
    • Balances the skins ecoflora
    • Reduces redness
    • Light texture, penetrates easily
    • Excellent protection
    • Suitable for dry & sensitive skin type

    • Ultra low molecular weight hyaluronic acid
    • Probiotix complex

    • Wash the face before applying
    • Disperse a 5 pence size  amount of the product and dab onto the skin
    • Follow with an upward, circular movement massaging to penetrate the product into the skin
    • Leave for 5 minutes and apply make up if applicable
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